Gifting. Simplified.

Recapture the excitement of gift-giving and boost sales for your online shop.

Retailers aren’t capitalizing on a $300 billion dollar market because most gift senders:

are unsure about the size, color, or style of their gift

do not know their recipient's mailing address

want to personalize their gifts with a greeting card or video message

missed the shipping cutoff date and have to send last-minute gifts

are not giving gift cards to keep prices hidden

A New Era of Digital Gifting

Online gifting should be fun and easy, not frustrating. That's why our breakthrough gifting solution combines all the advantages of digital to ensure both sender and recipient are always happy

Sending a Gift

The sender clicks on the button on the product page of your website.

The gift is personalized by adding a greeting card/video message to it.

The sender pays for the gift and sends a magic gift link through any messenger, email, or any other channel.

Receiving a Gift

The recipient redeems the gift by selecting a size/color, or exchanges it before it gets shipped to his/her desired delivery address.

An interactive thank you note is sent back to the sender.

The gift arrives.

The Benefits

Incremental Sales Growth

Drive customer transactions and enable last-minute gifting by removing any shipping time constraints.

Grow Your Customer Base

Boost ecommerce conversion rates and turn one-time shoppers into lifelong customers.

Cut Down on Return-Related Costs

Avoid additional supply chain costs and price reductions for returned items by allowing virtual returns and exchanges before shipping.

Guarantee Customers' Loyalty

Gain your customers' trust by revolutionizing the gifting experience and making it fun for them.

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With, it’s the gift and thought that count. Boost sales with the help of our trained specialists who will help you get started right away, right now!

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Recipient Satisfaction

Hidden Price

Gift prices remain hidden for recipients.


Recipients can select their preferred color or size and enter the delivery address for gifts.

Easy Exchange

Recipients always get what they want, which means less returns and more satisfaction.


Greeting Cards

Choose from tons of greeting cards which are updated constantly.

Video and Photos

Senders can personalize gifts with heart-warming videos and photos.

Say Thanks

And recipients can easily say thank you with a personalized message.


Gift Links

Gifts are contained in links which can be distributed through any messaging platform.

Around the World Support

Send gifts to recipients anywhere in the world!

Multi-Device Compatibility

The entire GiftsApp experience is available on all platforms, including desktop, tablets, and mobile devices.

Last-Minute Gifting

In a pinch? Send gifts instantly.



If you can gift it, you can brand it. Customize the gifting experience with your own logo and colors to preserve the brand identity and match your online shop.

Custom Domain

Link your domain to and provide a unique gifting experience that resonates with your brand.

Gift Tracking

Your customers can track their gifts from your website with ease. All you need to do is just embed a snippet wherever you want on your website.


With, you get all the features and benefits using your existing e-commerce platform and processes. No new systems and no complex integration.

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With, itʼs the gift and thought that count. Boost sales with the help of our trained specialists who will help you get started right away, right now

Any other questions? Give us a call

+1 646 776 5985